Recently, we invited our customers to share their thoughts with us... a special memory, a motivating book, a touching card, or a perfect gift. The response was inspiring, encouraging and meaningful as we carry out God's work for us on a daily basis. We've shared some of these messages with you below... we hope they touch your heart too.

A year ago, a friend of mine asked to stay with me. She needed help with alcoholism. I am a born again Christian and a delivered addict myself. I told her how Jesus changed my life. We went to Hackman’s to buy her a Bible. While there, we observed a woman crying, I asked her if I could help in any way. We sat in your warm and inviting seating area and talked and prayed for a while. When my friend witnessed how the Holy Spirit could fill me and use me at the moment she was amazed. She believed in the power and love of the Lord. She instantly became hungry for God in a spirit filled way. We spent hours picking out books, tapes and videos for her and her children. The most touching part of the day was her discovery of God’s love and truth in your framed art. We were moved to tears often. She even found a picture of a house that looked just like hers with a perfect scripture verse. It now hangs in her hallway and I hope serves as a reminder of how she felt the day she first met the Holy Spirit. Thank you for providing a place where Christians can not only find all they need but also be ministered to in a very unique way.

–Stacey, Bath

Hackman's is the place I go to armor myself with the tool and/or weapons I need for the daily battles I face.

–James, Coopersburg

We were blessed with our first-born son Eric in 1975, and at the age of three he was a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent boy whom everyone loved. Sadly, in 1979 before he reached his fourth birthday, God called him home and we were devastated, finding no peace or solace in anything. Our hearts were broken. A few months after his death we decided, for some reason, to visit the Hackman's store on Seventh Street in Allentown. We found a lovely picture there of a little boy who looked like our son holding the face of Jesus. That picture gave us, for the very first time, the feeling that Eric was with God and was alright. We purchased that picture and twenty-three years later we still look at it every day knowing our Eric is with God and we are comforted. Sometimes the little things help us get past the rough times. Without that picture from Hackman's we have no idea what we would have done. Thank you, Hackman's, always...

–Marjorie, Allentown

I went to Hackman's Bible Bookstore for my usual "shopping spree" to listen to accompaniment tapes. While I was listening to possible solo selection, the tape "Hannah Prayed" caught my eye and I HAD to listen to it. It spoke of Hannah's desire to have a child and how God blessed her with a son, Samuel. I knew without a doubt that God was speaking to me through that song! You see, my husband and I had been trying for 10 years to have a child. In fact, just a couple of months before, after much prayer, we asked our pastor and elders to pray over me for God's healing. I KNEW it was God's desire for our lives and when I saw that tape, it was a clear communication to me that He was promising me my deepest desire – to be a mommy. I bought the tape and brought it home... Then, in September 2001 we received the news! At our son, Samuel's dedication, I sang "Hannah Prayed." That trip to your store will always be a reminder to me of God's love and concern for my heart's desires. It confirmed to me that day, that in His time He would give me that precious gift of life.

–Sarah, Slatington